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Single Phase Pelletisers

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Agricon machines are built to last!

Our reputation is built on the craftsmanship and durability of our machines, coupled with the smart operating systems that powers them.

Agricon pelleting machines are capable of producing pellets from many materials other than just animal feeds. It is not only the machine itself which determines the quality of pellets, but the internal parts which yield a certain compaction- and heat ratio needed to produce pellets for products like fertilisers, chicken manure, wax, tea, clay and many, many other products. For this reason, Agricon invites clients with unique products to visit their demo plant in Bloemfontein, or to send us samples for trial pelleting. In this process, various compaction ratios can be applied to find the best production set-up for the specific product.


The eight ranges of Agricon machines are adapted to various production models. Agricon also supplies a wide range of supplementary equipment with our pelletisers. This includes and is not limited to equipment which handles any fodder from the field to the mixer and from the pelletiser into a bag of pellets, ready for the market. Examples are mixers, augers, coolers, bucket elevators, scales, hammer mills, roller mills, to name but a few.

Power options

We also offer these options powered by Electricity (Single- and Three Phase), Diesel Powered and PTO (Power Take Off) options. These diversified sources of power supplies allow specific capacities, and extends the range of our solutions.


We also offer to trade older Agricon machines in on newer models, because we believe in our manufacturing quality. We can confidently re-home these older models when owners upgrade their existing Agricon equipment, allowing for cheaper options for the beginner pellet manufacturer or farmer.

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Pellet production is not a simple process so our support systems are designed to ensure product education and quick adoption of the technology.

With over 30 years industry experience, we can provide the best advice on a broad spectrum of pelletising solutions.