After sales service and support is our core vision.

We sell solutions, not just machines.

What to expect from Agricon?

We pledge to give superior, individualized service to each of our clients from start to finish. This starts when we specify and suggest certain equipment, to the point where the plant is running and we supply the needed long term maintenance plans, parts and services. We also provide advice on how to run an optimal pelleting business.

As with any product, pelleting is difficult, until you build confidence and experience. We try to shorten the journey by eliminating the initial struggling points of the learning process with support, training and installation teams at your site. We share our experience when things change or when things go wrong. We believe we are not selling machines, but solutions.

How we can help

  • Many clients are uncertain how pelletizers work or how their product would look in a pelleted form. For this reason, Agricon offers free pelleting demonstrations in Bloemfontein where various types of products can be tested
  • Agricon will also test various compaction ratios for feed mixes and products that are problematic to advise on the best Die Ring ratios to use for a product
  • Helping the client to understand all the needed equipment options and to compile a customized pelleting plant 
  • Option to render 3-D site layouts of plants where needed
  • Agricon can send a specialist technician to assess a site during the quoting phase to ensure layouts are correct
  • Customization of equipment pieces to fit specific client needs in terms of product, place, manpower and power supply
  • As a registered dealer with most finance houses, we submit the needed quotations to the Banks and provide dealer information. The client must submit their private financial information personally to the Banks
  • Connecting clients to various rent-to-own financiers for farm equipment
  • Working with governments and development institutions to ensure grants and investments are submitted in the required formats
  • Deliveries to site can be arranged by Agricon based on multiple quotes for Worldwide shipping
  • Agricon delivers smaller loads with our own vehicles and technician
  • Insurance can be arranged on all loads
  • The Agricon field services team can install, commission and train the client and employees on the use of the machines
  • Agricon will assist the client to develop new compaction ratios and mixes to achieve the optimal quality pellets
  • Although we have vast experience in pelleting various rations, we can refer you to an animal nutritionist to develop various rations, whilst collaborating with Agricon on the best types of ingredients to pelletize
  • Agricon provides training courses on site and at our workshop on pellet manufacturing and maintenance of equipment
  • Provision of minor-and major services on equipment 
  • Manufacturers guarantees on our equipment ensures piece of mind
  • Field service teams to help in case of breakdowns or other problems
  • Fully equipped workshops in Bloemfontein where all kinds of repairs and revamping of parts can be done 
  • We manufacture and supply all parts required for our machines and equipment from our workshop and available from our online website shop
  • We can customize various parts for specific applications, especially Die Rings to produce different compaction rations 
  • We ship parts globally and will process the paperwork for any exports
  • When a client expands their business and requires more capacity, Agricon may offer to buy older machines as trade-in on newer- or larger models
  • Agricon revamps all traded-in equipment and sell these units with a full guarantee at a reduced price. These units are very popular and are normally pre-ordered for resale on a waiting list

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