Terms and Conditions

Changes in design and/or materials to be pelleted

Agricon’s equipment descriptions and specifications have been designed for a specific product layout as specified. Your layout is therefore designed for the pelleting of a specific product and not pelleting of all/or any product(s) in general. The system’s design and equipment specifications have been developed to process specific feedstock and organic materials, as tested. Changes to/or other input materials may require modification to the design of the specified equipment and is for the customer’s account.

Any changes in the Plant layout by the client will result in the expiry of the guarantee and additional engineering charges and/or equipment will apply to rectify any problem or breakages. Any changes to original quotations requested to meet your requirements might result in an adjustment in pricing. Any changes to the design and/or equipment specification may impact scheduled shipment dates.

Pellet capacity & quality

Pelletizers’ compact materials with heat and pressure, the feed determine the pellet quality, not the machine! Agricon is therefore not responsible, and cannot guarantee that all products can be pelletized effectively.

The quoted Pellet Machine’s capacity is based on a mixture of 70% Lucerne and 30% Maize at a moisture content of 14% and a particle size smaller than the final pellet diameter of the pellet (6mm). Any other product has to be tested by the client to determine the final delivery capacity of the machine

Agricon does not guarantee that all types of products (or combinations thereof) can be pelleted because it depends on various adhesive- and cohesive properties of the materials that the clients need to adjust.

Agricon’s installation/delivery responsibility does NOT include the development or adjustments of feed mixtures or product development to ensure successful pelleting. This service can be offered as a separate service to the customer, but has nothing to do with the machine’s ability to make pellets. Agricon’s responsibility is to deliver a machine that can make a general pellet consisting of pure Lucerne (free of grass) and Maize.

Capacities quoted for the different models of machines are based on Lucerne and Maize at the correct moisture level and determined with a run-in 6mm Die Ring. Agricon will therefore demonstrate the machine’s capability to make these types of pellets during training, but will not be responsible to spend extended periods of time with a customer to develop different possible mixtures of feeds to be pelleted.

Capacities are determined on above mentioned mixture with a 6 x 40 mm Die Ring configuration.

Smaller Die Ring holes will reduce capacity and larger may increase the machine’s capacity.

Molasses should not be seen as a pellet binder because it clogs the machine due to the stickiness (caramelizing) once it is warmed up by the pelleting action. Agricon therefore strongly advise against the excessive use of Molasses.

Pelleting of “new or other” products (non-animal feeds)

The Pellet Mill’s capacity and effectiveness will vary depending on different product attributes, mixtures and moisture content, Die Ring specifications, Roller Sets and so forth. Every product must therefore be tested beforehand for efficiency and quality of pellets.

The final pellet quality depends on inherent binders in the input material. The cohesiveness- and adhesiveness of the material will determine pelletability.

Experimental Pelleting of new products can be conducted by Agricon at a cost. A test report can be given with pelleting guidelines on how to be implemented. This is however not a guarantee that the product will pelletize under commercial conditions, but only a guideline. Products like Saw Dust have different granulometries and pellets are formed by many kinds of essences which show different behaviour depending on the humidity, lignin content and hardness of the wood, etc., variations which may have a significant effect on the quality and profit of the pellet process. It’s necessary in this type of processing to carry out several tests before having a valid result. Once the result is obtained, the formula must be reproduced without any change.

Some products have no binding characteristics and should be avoided or included on a very small scale to ensure quality pellets. These, to name but a few are: Poor quality field grass, shavings, bark, molasses, spongy plant materials, charred wood, etc.

It remains the responsibility of the customer to apply the attained knowledge at own risk and to develop his own formulations to be pelleted. It is the client’s decision to use produced pellets at own risk for specific applications. Agricon takes no responsibility for the content or application of the pellets and it remains the client’s decision as to what he includes in his pellets.

Delivery Time (Lead Time), Delivery Cost, Start-up- and Training Cost

Delivery cost, Installation, Start-ups and On-Site Training is not automatically included in any quotations and is for the cost of the customer.

Delivery time is approximately 6 to 8 Weeks from date of RECEIPT of the required 50% deposit amount as specified per quotation, except if quoted otherwise in writing.

Delivery cost is a quote for travelling cost based strictly on the delivery of the machinery. This does not automatically include Installation, Training and Start-up of the machines.

Installation and Start-up – It is the client’s responsibility to place the machines where needed and have all electrical connections done in order to supply the machines with the required electrical connections.

If Agricon’s staff are contracted to do this work, a daily fee will be charged. Agricon does not supply electricians to connect any machines to local electricity supply and this must be done by the customer’s electrician on site.

When Training is quoted, it means a fee per day to train an allocated person(s) to make pellets. If the training cannot be done in one day for any reason outside Agricon’s control, additional charges will accrue. Training cost includes one night’s sleep-out for one technician. If electricity connections, input material, or staff/owners (or any other type of delay which may prevent the work from being done) are not available on the day of installation and training, Agricon will charge the cost quoted. A Second visit will be at full cost.

Clients must ensure they have enough Hammer-milled material available on day of training. Guideline:
Use a 6mm Grid in the hammer mill.

Electrical installation and systems

Electronic control panels and PLC systems are pre-calibrated by qualified Agricon personnel. Please use manual or ask us when you want to make changes.

If any calibrations of any electrical equipment supplied by Agricon has been tampered with or altered directly or indirectly, any and all guarantees will expire. Tampering with settings or incorrect electrical wiring/connections will be fixed for the account of the client at a call-out fee Outside Electricians should only connect machines to the supplied terminals according to the supplied machine manual.

Agricon will supply all cables and control panels inside the plant. These cables and switch gear do NOT include the supply cables to the plant or main breaker systems. Should we arrive at the premises and these are not in place, we cannot perform a start-up of training. This will result in extra cost.

Supply, installation and connection of main power supply cables TO THE point of the PLANT will be done by the client’s own electrician or if quoted by Agricon.

The client’s electrician will also connect all inter-machine connections that were disconnected for shipping and installation purposes, but may not alter or modify the standard connections in any way or manner.

Agricon will not be held responsible for damage to electrical equipment caused by short circuits, power supply problems, surges, poor workmanship by the client’s electrician or any other problem not directly related to Agricon’s workmanship and the supplied equipment.


Quotations only include plant installation if DIRECTLY QUOTED and installation drawings are included in the quote. Installation and Start-up is not the same thing.
No building work (cement platforms, holes, etc.) is included in the installation at all. This MUST be completed before we are called to site.

If Agricon is responsible for the installation of the plant, the client will supply the following:

  1. All lifting equipment;
  2. Three workers to assist each technician from Agricon;
  3. Qualified electrician(s);
  4. All building work should be completed to specification as supplied by Agricon in the installation drawings
  5. Electrical supply panels and cables should be installed and ready for use; 6: 220VAC and 400VAC power supplies for electrical tools should be available throughout the installation period. When Agricon’s technicians arrive on site and are forced to wait for any of the above mentioned services, the client will be charged at normal daily rate for time spend on site, additional accommodation costs and any other costs that may be encountered due to this delay.

If the client does not take the “training and installation” option on any machine, Agricon will not carry any warranty claims of whatever extent in this agreement.

Commissioning (start-up)

This quotation will only include commissioning when directly quoted. Commissioning entails starting the machinery and making 100kg Pellets.

Agricon will not entertain various types of mixes and rations and have a technician make more than
100kg of pellets. This is not part of commissioning!

When only commissioning, we expect the client to have all installation work completed to specifications and that all electrical-, water-, steam-, air- and lubrication connections have been completed to specification. The plant should be ready to start with the press of a button; otherwise we hold the right to charge installation fees for any additional installation work.
Agricon’s technicians will check the complete installation and only if they are satisfied they will start the plant. They will demonstrate all the systems to the client, but will not do any product development and tests as mentioned under PELLET CAPACITY/QUALITY.

When Agricon’s technicians arrive on site and are forced to wait for any uncompleted installation work, the client will be charged extra for the time, accommodation costs and any associated costs that may be experienced due to this delay.


Packing, transportation, shipping and delivery charges are only included in this quotation if it is specified in the quotation and paid for as per agreement. If not, it is the client’s responsibility to collect the purchased machinery from Agricon’s premises after full payment has been made.

Validity of this quotation:

This quote is valid for 14 days only and will not be honoured after expiry of the 14 days if a sale is not confirmed by payment of a 50% deposit Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Prices are only fixed after official order is placed.


It is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure that all equipment is insured before it leaves Agricon’s premises.

Payment terms

A 50% Non-Refundable deposit is required on acceptance of the quotation before any work will commence. This also includes all bank financed deals. No Deposit will be refunded under any circumstances since machines are custom built and production cost is not recoverable once production has commenced.

The Outstanding Invoice Balance is to be paid before delivery will take place – no exceptions will be allowed. We will NOT deliver or release any parts or machines until the full balance is paid. The mentioned “Outstanding Balance” must be paid no later than 15 days after a written notice of completion of manufacturing is given. Goods not paid within 15 days after completion will be subject to storage and interest fees.

No goods will leave our factory unless paid in full


Agricon offers a 6 (six) month non-transferrable guarantee on the chassis, motors and electronics of all new Agricon Pellet Machines as per Terms & Conditions stipulated in the manual.

None of the Roller parts or Die Rings carries a guarantee since these are wear-and-tear parts and subject to customer use and abuse.

Electronic parts are covered by our supplier’s for factory defects and initial installation- or start-up defects. Any subsequent defects may be the result of power spikes in power supply or to tampering by non-Agricon technicians which is not covered. We will send any such items back to the supplier who will write a report on what the cause of the problem was and to replace part covered by their respective guarantees.

The guarantee excludes any shipping, travelling or accommodation charges on call-outs. These will be for the client’s account.

We do however offer a free telephonic, email and fax backup service as well as free repairs to any machines that qualify as a claim which is sent back to our factory based in Bloemfontein, South Africa.

If you are uncertain about this guarantee, please request it from an Agricon representative so that you have a full understanding of the conditions before any claims should arise.


Each machine is checked by a qualified Agricon Technician prior to shipping to ensure that the machine is in mint condition and manufactured to specifications. All calibration and testing is done to ensure that the machine is ready to run when it is received by the client.

All Agricon Pellet machines are CE approved and complies with European quality and safety Standards.