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Each Pelleting Plant is uniquely configured according to individual needs. Our sales team is well equipped to customize your Plant to your needs with a wide range of equipment options which can be upscaled, or used in isolation.

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Pelleting Plants differ in layout because of a few variable factors. The first factor is the physical space where the plant will be installed. The second is the use of the pelleting equipment which can range from animal feed pelleting to organic materials which can become fertilisers and even renewable energy pellets, to name a few. The third important layout decision is normally related to power supply and existing equipment that will be incorporated. Agricon always aim to accommodate the client’s current situation to ensure the most cost effective solution and optimal layout is suggested.

Fully Customised Plants

Basic Mixer Plants

Fully Customised Plants

Semi-Automated Plants

Fully Customised Plants

Fully-Automated Plants

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Pellet production is not a simple process so our support systems are designed to ensure product education and quick adoption of the technology.

With over 30 years industry experience, we can provide the best advice on a broad spectrum of pelletising solutions.

Basic mixer plant examples

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