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Agricon is the world leader in small-scale pellet machine
manufacturing for agriculture and biomass pelletizing.
Our range includes tractor-driven, single phase and three
phase pelletizers and full production plant solutions
with spares, backup and support.

Feed pellet pelletizing machines

World Leaders In Feed Pellet Machine Manufacturing & Biomass Pelletizing

Our Product Range

Single Phase Pelletizer

Pelleting Machine for small scale pelleting or experimental purposes

Three Phase Pelletizer

Commercial range pelleting machines for general application in animal feeds, organic materials and waste-to-energy applications

Tractor Driven Pelletizer (PTO)

To be launched in November 2016 for those who have no electrical power source

Mechanizing Your Pelletizer

Elevators & Augers

Transfer of loose materials and/or pellets in a plant setup


Horizontal Mixing for diverse types of ingredients or to act as a Hoppers to feed the pelleting machines


To cool pellets before bagging and packaging. Used in cases where natural cooling cannot be done due to time and space constraints