We use CNC cutting machines to ensure we have precision fitted plates. The rapid mixing action is created by combining hybrid paddle- and ribbon blending actions. Mixers are fitted standard with lids and an auger flange to eliminate dust. Mixers can be ordered with a load cell scale system to make it easier to determine the level of the mixer, and to make up rations per weight level.

Other additions can be ordered such as a sprayer system or protective grids inside the mixers. The Agricon Horizontal Concentrate Mixer is 3 Phase, 1000kg Capacity, 3 Cube, Triple sprocket with 15kW Motor. Concentrate Mixer dimensions are 3.46 L x 2.13 H x 1.43 W. Another option is the Horizontal Roughage and Concentrate Mixer with 500kg capacity or 2.9 cubic meter volume. 3.65L x 2.24H x 1.43W – (1200kg) with a 7.5kW Electrical Motor

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Pellet production is not a simple process so our support systems are designed to ensure product education and quick adoption of the technology.

With over 30 years industry experience, we can provide the best advice on a broad spectrum of pelletising solutions.