Elevators and Augers

Bucket Elevators & Bagging Units

No Pellets can be transferred with augers when it is still hot, therefore belt elevators are the best for this application.

Bagging or Binning Elevators are an open-slatted belt elevator that can operate up to a 60° incline with one bag outlet and no storage facility. This unit can be supplied with or without a dust separation.


Our standard augers are 165mm in diameter and 4m or 5m in length. They have a mixed grain capacity of 4000kg/hour. Auger conveyors are also called screw conveyors and is the most common method of handling grains on a farm.

Augers can be fixed or mobile, are of simple construction and are easy to operate and maintain. The throughput of an auger depends mainly on the auger diameter, pitch, elevation and speed. The choke length and design, screw clearance and roughness and the moisture content of the grain also affect the throughput, though these effects are less predictable. As a result, augers that appear identical can have differing throughputs.

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