Agri-10 (Single Phase)

agri-10-3In Single Phase Pelleting you cannot exceed 16 Amps power usage, therefore the range is limited to a 3 kW Electrical motor. Single Phase machines cannot be scaled up for higher capacity due to limited power connections and as it is a power versus output ratio. There is also no sense in producing smaller machines, therefore we only have one machine in the range.

This is Agricon’s smallest entry level pelleting machine, developed specifically for research and development of new products and processes. The Agri 10 is also used for speciality pelleting (high value, low volume pellets) as it only has a capacity of 50-80kg per hour, depending on pellet size and product. Also popular amongst hobby breeders of exotic animals.

The Agri 10 pellet machine is a complete machine with a control panel built into the chassis. Apart from starting the pellet mill, this control panel also controls the feed rate of the machine. This control system uses a signal from the main motor to adjust the feeding auger speed. The same system is used on all of our pellet mills up to the Agri 250.


Main Drive Motor:
3.0 Kw

Feed Motor:
0.37 Kw

Power Requirement:
15 Amp; Single Phase 220/240 VAC @ 50HZ

Power Connection:
16 Amp 5 Pin round “welding” plug

Drive System:
4 x A section V belts

2 x Slide Adjuster Rollers

60-80 kg per hour depending on product being pelletized

Die Ring:
Supplied with standard 6 x 40mm alloy die-ring

Machine Weight:
Weight 212 kg, W560 x L840 x H1’120mm


Fully automated process control PLC systems, Automated lubrication system.

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