Mixers (Can Also Be Used As Hoppers)

We utilise CNC cutting to ensure we have precision fitted plates. The mixing action is produced by a hybrid paddle / ribbon axle.

Mixers are standard fitted with lids and an auger flange to eliminate dust. Mixers can be ordered with a load cell scale system to make it easier to determine the level of the mixer, and to make up rations per weight levels. Other additions can be ordered such as a sprayer system or protective grids inside the mixers.

Agricon normally suggest the use on one mixer if intermitted pelleting is acceptable, or two mixers (then called a mixer and a Hopper) for continuous flow of product.

Cash Purchase Specials

Agricon runs a variety of cash purchase specials on a monthly basis. To find out more about this month’s specials and discounted cash purchase rates, please fill out the form below and we will contact you directly.

We also offer an Operating Lease (Rent-to-Own) financing option. The structure is the same as an operating lease, but with the option to exercise ownership of the equipment at the end of the finance period.