Full Pellet Plants

No single pelleting plant may be the same as customer’s needs differ. Our sales team are well equipped with a range of products to customize a plant to your needs. You may opt for an option where you have nothing, and you need the best full plant solution, or you may only need a pelletizer or a basic mixing plant. The heart of it is the pelletizer, and we will advise you what the bare essentials are, building towards a fully automated plant in time.

Our range of Agricon plants include everything you require to produce pellets easily and efficiently. We design all our equipment to be modular, meaning you can add equipment as your needs to mechanise expands. We will also always suggest equipment that can be expanded in capacity and would not become redundant should you increase the pelletiser capacity. For this, Agricon will also consider trade-ins on used Agricon Pelleting Machines to help you grow your output.

All of the plants can be based on different capacities and sizes pelleting machines. Many add-on products like scales, automatic weighing of pellets, stitching equipment and crumblers can also be added to the basic layouts below. For this, please talk to your Agricon team.

Options may include:

A Stand –alone pelletizing machine to be fed by hand and pellets to be collected by hand. (Remember you still HAVE to mill your materials and mix any ingredients together and manage the moisture content.)

A Basic Hopper Plant:

If you already mix and mill your materials, we may suggest this layout as it feed the pelletizer automatically and assists you in filling 50kg bags.

The disadvantage is that you have to stop between batches to get another batch ready, making your pelleting process intermittent. Not suggested for factories, but ideal for smaller producers like farmers.