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Pelletizing of livestock feeds

Pelleting of animal feeds is becoming a widely popular- and modern method of saving money and adding value on farms. Farmers are becoming more aware of this cost saving methods to save on their ever-rising feed bills, therefore finding pelleting of these feeds a very lucrative cost saving mechanism.

The savings is not only based on the fact that the middleman (who makes up to R1’500 per ton) is eliminated, but also because the farmer has control over his formulations. In this way the farmer can add value to poorer quality feeds and thereby reducing cost without compromising overall quality. In addition to these benefits, the farmer saves up to 30% of his feed cost which would normally be wasted due to selective- and wasteful eating patterns of animals.

As discussed below, there are also major improvements of up to 14.2% in the feed conversion rates when it is pelletized.

With current feed prices, farmers and nutritionists should feed animals on the basis of available energy and protein, or amino acid concentrate, coupled with optimal vitamin and mineral supplements as feed prices are based on these components.

Due to the production cost squeeze, feed is the greatest cost factor in animal production. Even in the case of sheep farming where more roughage is fed, feed cost can still make up to 55% of the total sheep production cost. For poultry the corresponding feed costs figure will be about 70% of total chicken production costs.

Agri 250 Pellet Machine

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