How to set your rollers in your Pelletizer

Setting of rollers is the most critical technical setting to remember in pelleting. It will determines your success- or failure and will determine the amount of wear- and tear costs of the Rollers and the Die ring.

The rollers must be moved against the Die Ring until it touches the Die Ring and you can no longer turn the roller freely with your thumb.

How do you test this?
Start the pelleting machine with the mouth of the pelletizer open,
Then Check:
*Both rollers must touch- and spin at the same speed without intermittent stopping
*The Rollers will make a “steel-on-steel” grinding sound
*Then switch the machine off, as soon as this is done to avoid running it without feed.
*After closing the machine’s feeder, start feeding the machine. Your rollers will immediately run quieter when the feed enters the pelleting chamber. If still noisy, the roller(s) are set too tight and will cause excessive wear.

The principle behind this is that the roller must lightly touch the Die Ring, but enough not to slip. Once the feed enters the pelleting chamber, the feed will be pinched between the Die Ring and Roller and the roller shaft will allow 1 mm mat feed to form. If this mat gets too thick, the machine will decrease the feeding speed. Should you tighten the roller too much, the amps will increase and the machine will feed slower with subsequent lower production rate. The opposite happens if the rollers are too lose and the mat increases the thickness. The machine will stop feeding as soon as the layer are too thick, thus a blockage occurs.

Please see our informative training video on this setting process. Many more of these technical video’s are available to Agricon clients as part of our after-sales service and support.

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