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Can you really afford not to add value to your scarce animal feed resources?

We all agree that Global warming impacted on each Agricultural business in various ways. This puts pressure on our resources. For this reason, Agricon Pelleting focus on solutions to save on feed wastage. We also aim to improve the quality of available feeds, so that the farmer will get more value out of his fodder.

As much as this sound like a great marketing campaign, it has been proven over the past 27 years by Agricon. Our Pelleting machines save the farmer a minimum of 30% on wastage of loose feeds! It also ensure a 14.2% increased digestibility of starched. Added to the wonderful improvements in feed value, taste will improve. Animals devour pelleted feeds which they would not touch in a loose form, because the taste improves during processing.

Massive wastage of Lucerne when feeding it unprocessed!
Pellets are eaten without waste and selection of ingredients

Dust has become a reality in our environment. Large amounts are present in our feeds and causes all kinds of lunge diseases. By pelleting feeds, dust will be eliminated. Feed must be preserved for longer if it is highly compacted and sealed. This happen with a steam layer during the pelleting process. Pelleted feeds can be stored more effectively and for longer periods.

Call Agricon today to speak to Riana or Johan. We will advise you on the best pelleting solution for your farm, your pocket and your needs. or Tel: +27 71 877-3324

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