Agri-50 COVID19 Special Prices

Special on existing Agri-50 Pelleting Machines in Stock

Over the years, the Agricon-50 has become the top selling Pelleting Machine for Agricon. With a capacity of 500kg/hr (T&C apply), this machine is ideal for most farms. It can produce around 4 tons of pellets in a working day. Some clients also supply neighbors with pellets. This pays for their machine’s running cost. When it is time to upgrade to a larger machine, trade-in value on the Agricon-50 is very attractive. These second-hand models are always in demand.

We support the animal value chain. Agricon offers three Agricon-50 in-stock Pelleting Machines at drastically reduced price and first-come basis at R95’000 excluding VAT. (Normal Price R128’000)

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