Agricon @Nampo 2018

Agricon Pelleting is happy to inform all our loyal supporters that Agricon eventually got a bigger stall in the Grundfos Hall at Nampo. We have been waiting patiently to expand our floor space at Nampo as we have many more products to show.

It is a great opportunity to compare us with the rest of the market, and to see why we are the Entrepreneur of the Year in SA and also the biggest exporter of pelleting equipment to over 27 countries. So, if you cannot visit our factory beforehand and not sure about quality, Nampo is the best place to see the difference. Please, just don’t buy pelleting equipment blindly, we hear sad stories everyday as many new suppliers without experience of quality is popping up on social media. This is NOT a forum to buy from, so make sure you visit suppliers to see if the equipment is effective before you buy!

Please make a note of where we will be at Nampo. That is in the Grundfos Hall, next to the “Boere Patente”. We will send reminders out closer to the time also. Nampo is from 14-18 May 2018, and a definite MUST for everyone interested in farming!

Do we run Nampo Specials, and should you wait until then? Well, we are so overwhelmed with orders at Nampo yearly, that we have learned to launch pre-Nampo specials to ensure our lead time stays short and we can supply timely to everybody. We already have these specials running as we know it is dry and the economy is tight. We are here to help where we can and ensure you have a smooth pelleting operation.

May 2018 be Blessed with rain, stability, safety and fair prices to our farmers who feed this country!

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    • Johan Eksteen
      Johan Eksteen says:

      Hallo Victor. We only build Ring Die Pelleting machines and have a very negative perception of Flat bed machines as these have many limitations which the Ring Die does not have. Regards, Johan Eksteen


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