Agricon Spring Specials 2017

Agricon Spring Specials

1.6m Bucket Elevators
For those customers who normally struggle to collect their pellets from the pelletizer, we have the 1.6m Double Bagging Elevator on special. It shifts in under your Agricon pelletizer and takes the pellets up in buckets to deposit into 50kg bags. A selector allows switching between the two bags when filled.

R22’900 Plus VAT

50kg Tilt Mixers for small scale mixing:

If you still mix by hand, this is a great option to get uniformity in your mixes. The mixer is multi-functional and very user-friendly. It has the added benefit to work on single phase power. Ideal to get even moisture distribution through the mix and to prevent uneven mixing and lumpy feeds that will clog your pelletizer.

R16’900 plus VAT


Agri 150 Pelletizer

Limited offer while floor stock is available – only 2 units! Buy your Agri 150 with a 1.5 ton per hour capacity this spring for only R162’000 plus VAT

Variable Speed Auger

This auger is specially designed for the client who does not make use of an Agricon mixer and needs to control the infeed of the pelletizer, ensuring a constant flow is achieved. This VSD will be linked to the special Agricon VSD feeder auger system to ensure your machine runs optimally. It is not needed when using an Agricon mixer with gravity feed flow, but rather when using own mixers which cannot be linked to your pelleting line.

R22’000 plus VAT (Only one demo unit on special.)

Agricon PTO Pelleting Machine with 500kg/hr capacity

The tractor driven power take-off pelleting machine was designed on constant requests from customers without power, or who needs ‘n higher capacity than the normal single-phase machines. Although this machine does not have the normal Agricon VSD technology built into the feeding system, it is still relatively easy to use with various new innovative technologies to ensure easy pelletizing with a tractor as the power source.

R95’000 plus VAT

Agri-50 Pelletizers

The Agri 50 is the top seller in the Agricon range, not only for the compact design, but for the high capacity it delivers. This pelletizer has a list price of R128’000 plus VAT, but is still available at R115’000 plus VAT until end of October. Keep in mind, we had 2 steel price increases already, so the price cannot be offered much longer, so hurry up and order your Agri 50 and benefit from the special.

Trade-in Service:

Are you aware that Agricon trades older Agricon machines in on new models? This should tell you how much we believe in our product, and you will be amazed at the value you will get out of such a deal, so how about upgrading?


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