Agricon Pelleting’ Achievements in 2016/7

Agricon had a momentous year as South Africa’s Entrepreneur of the Year in 2016. On 06 April 2017, Johan Eksteen gave the reins over to Mr Willem van der Merwe of Bandit Industries in Worcester. Bandit is in the Biomass industry who compost wood waste and supply this compost to the Agricultural sector. Agricon wished Willem all the best for the coming year.

In August 2017, Johan Eksteen was awarded the University of the Free State’s Cum Laude Alumni Award for excellence in business and making a mark on the South African economy through his business dealings with Agricon. Agricon has grown its reach to 27 countries all over the World, and exports around 40% of the Agricon Pelleting Machinery. Agricon supplied the market for the past 24 years with the best pelleting technology in the World, and constantly find new product applications for their machines. Some examples are tobacco dust pelleting in Malawi, Bamboo pelleting in Asia and organic fertiliser pelleting for golf courses and farming purposes. Agricon finds that many customers are contracted to supply neighbours with pellets, thereby bringing a handy side income to the farm. We experience many customers have upgraded their capacity by trading their existing Agricon machine in on bigger machines to keep up with the demand.

Johan Eksteen would like to thank each customer who supports Agricon in buying parts, new- and second-hand pelleting equipment, as well as making use of our services. He also makes a special mention of Riana Nel and Martiens Eksteen who runs the client enquiries, and to Theunis van Rensburg and his team who manages all the technical enquiries and builds World-class machinery.

An interesting fact that might not be knows to all… When looking for the most used search word relating to pelleting on Google, you will be surprised that it is indeed “AGRICON PELLETING” all over the World, and that is a fact to be very proud of!


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