Specials List 01 April to 30 May 2017

Dear Pelleting Customer – 04 April 2017

Please inquire about the 2017 Nampo Specials from Agricon. Various “Buy-One-Item, Get-Another-Item-For R1” offers and huge discounts on some equipment from 01 April until 30 May 2017.

Examples of current specials:

  • Buy an Agri 100 (1 ton per hour) pelleting machine and get a Bucket Elevator with double 50kg bag filling capacity at R1.00
  • Buy any Agricon Horizontal Mixer (various sizes) and get a Complete scale with load cells for R1.00
  • Buy an Agri 50 Pelleting Machine for R128’000 and receive R13’000 discount = R115’000 excl.
  • Buy an Agri 150 Pelleting Machine for R176’000 and receive R14’000 discount = R162’000 excl.
  • Buy an Agri 250 Pelleting Machine for R265’000 and receive R20’000 discount = R245’000 excl.
  • Buy any Agri 50/75/100/150 or Agri 250 Die Ring of 6mm or 8mm diameter and get discounts from R1’050 -R2’500 per Die Ring, depending on machine size
  • We have a 500kg per hour plant which normally sells at R251’450 on special for R210’000 excl
  • We have a 1’000kg per hour plant which normally sells at R350’950 on special for R330’000 excl
  • We have a 2’500kg per hour plant which normally sells at R770’900 on special for R722’000 excl
  • See out newly released Mix 50 tilt mixer for R18’500 excl as a new launch at Nampo. Ideal for small scale pelleting like done with the Agri 10/50 machine
  • See out newly released Bagging unit for loose feeds, designed for the farmer who uses his mixer for loose feeds as to act as a Pelleting Machine Hopper

Various other specials will be available to make pelleting with quality equipment more affordable!  Find us on: www.agriconrsa.com


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