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Agricon has just released its brand new website with a focus on Pelleting Solutions. Please click on https://www.agriconrsa.com/ to see what is new in Agricon Pelletizing Machinery.

We at Agricon will attempt to keep you up to date with various specials, happenings in the feed-, organic and fertilizer markets when it comes to pelleting. We will also share news on new developments and equipment you may be interested in. One of those is the AGRICON-PTO machine which is currently undergoing intensive testing and will be launched any day.
As winner of the Sanlam and Business Partner’s Entrepreneur of the Year, Johan Eksteen will share his tips, advice and help on how to set up a pelleting plant as a business opportunity to add value, save costs or even create a brand new business venture. He will advise on where to look for markets and even how to set up the business financially. Agricon does not finance machinery, but with our help we can point you to the right people where Agricon is already approved as a dealer, thus making the application process much easier and faster. Rent-to-own options are also available through AgriMega Finance.

Do not fear if you don’t know what to mix together for animal feeds. We will also be able to guide you in terms of feed formulation specialists who may even supply this service free of charge to ensure the optimal animal nutrition is achieved. Agricon Pelleting Solutions also offers a free service to test new products and to help in the development of new types of pelleting solutions. You are therefore very welcome to send us a smaple for free testing and pelletizing.

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